VP Team

Greg Weilersbacher photo
Greg Weilersbacher
Vice President, Quality Assurance
Greg Weilersbacher is an executive leader with over 28 years of operational excellence spanning analytical chemistry, drug substance and drug product manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage and distribution, and management of outsourcing activities for small molecules, peptides, and biologics.  Mr. Weilersbacher has extensive experience building and directing quality-focused teams to support the entire product life-cycle.  Much of his career has been leading contract manufacturing organizations developing and producing a variety of dosage forms including biologics, sterile injectables, solid orals, and topicals.  His hands-on management approach led to the manufacture of hundreds of products with quality built-in from the start.  Mr. Weilersbacher founded and managed a pharmaceutical consulting company, held several positions as Vice President of Quality and Quality Operations and has managed GMP production teams.  Mr. Weilersbacher hold bachelor and master’s degrees from San Diego State University.