Our Purpose, Our Vision

Our Purpose, Our Vision

Vistagen is dedicated to pioneering neuroscience to develop and commercialize groundbreaking therapies for individuals affected by psychiatric and neurological disorders. To that end, Vistagen is innovating a pipeline of candidates with the potential to establish new standards of care, safety, and effectiveness for disorders that are disrupting the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.

Beyond our drug development goals, we strive to improve the mental health care ecosystem with better outcomes for patients, caregivers, advocates, and communities. With our novel neuroscience-focused drug candidates, we are committed to developing new products that are designed to make a meaningful difference in the way individuals manage their disorders.

Our Core Values

At Vistagen, we conduct ourselves with integrity, compassion, teamwork, and excellence while on our journey to pioneer neuroscience and improve the care of patients suffering from central nervous system disorders.


We believe that the route of our efforts is guided by integrity and the drive to do the right thing. At Vistagen we are uncompromising in our mission to better the lives of those suffering from neuroscience disorders, and we emphasize the need to put patients first in order to develop a new generation of medicines that set new standards of care.


Compassion means "to suffer with," and it combines sympathy with an active response. Our team includes people who have had close experience with neuroscience disorders and believe in taking an active step towards progressing the care of the community. Our compassion for patient care is what motivates us to work toward creating a world no longer gripped by anxiety, fear, or depression.


Effective change cannot be brought on by one. It takes a team of collaborators working toward the same goal. At Vistagen our team believes that great triumphs are achieved together, and we work to foster a collaborative culture aimed at putting people first.


With excellence at the center of everything we do, we can drive health care innovation that has the potential to set a new standard of care for millions of people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other neuroscience disorders.

These core values guide our internal processes and define our mission to radically improve mental health and well-being worldwide.