PH94B for Postpartum Anxiety

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was compelling research indicating that about approximately 17% of new mothers battle anxiety. Recent research reflects that the prevalence of postpartum anxiety (PPA) among new mothers increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with commonly experienced hormone changes and sleep deprivation, key additional factors contributing to increasing mental health challenges among new mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic include job loss, lack of secure housing and access to healthcare, physical isolation from friends and family, increased childcare, educational and household duties, and fear and uncertainty about the state of the world for themselves and their newborn children.

With its potential to produce rapid-onset therapeutic effects at microgram-level doses, without requiring systemic uptake and distribution to achieve those therapeutic effects, and without causing sedation, we believe PH94B may be ideally suited for new mothers suffering with PPA, especially new mothers who are interested in breastfeeding and who would prefer a non-systemic, non-sedating therapeutic alternative to current therapies.

In collaboration with clinical investigators at a leading university medical center in the U.S., we are exploring opportunities to assess PH94B’s potential as a novel rapid-onset treatment for PPA in a small exploratory Phase 2A clinical study.