Stem Cell Technology

We are currently producing human heart cells and liver cells for our internal drug rescue applications. We intend to advance, through collaborative research projects, pharmaceutical applications of stem cell-derived blood, bone, cartilage, heart, and liver cells, including exploring opportunities to leverage our stem cell technology platform for regenerative medicine purposes. Our interest in the regenerative medicine arena is on developing novel human disease models for discovery of small molecule drugs and biologics that activate the endogenous growth and healing processes enabling the body to repair tissue damage caused by certain degenerative diseases.


We are able to grow large numbers of normal, non-transformed, human cells to produce novel in vitro 3D “micro-organ” culture systems which induce the cells to grow, mature, and develop 3D cell networks and tissue structures. We believe these 3D cell networks and structures can more accurately reflect the structures and biology inside the human body than traditional flat, 2D, single cell layers grown on plastic and often used in drug discovery and development. We believe the more representative human biology afforded by our 3D bioassay systems yield valuable data relating responses to drug candidates, responses that are clinically predictive of human drug responses.