Regenerative Medicine

VistaGen believes that stem cell technology-based regenerative medicine has the potential to transform healthcare in the U.S. over the next two decades by altering the fundamental mechanisms of disease and help slow rapidly rising healthcare costs in the U.S. The Company intends to advance, through collaborative research projects, pharmaceutical applications of stem cell-derived blood, bone, cartilage, heart, and liver cells, including exploring opportunities to leverage our stem cell technology platform for regenerative medicine purposes.

VistaGen’s interest in the regenerative medicine arena is on developing novel human disease models for discovery of small molecule drugs and biologics that activate the endogenous growth and healing processes enabling the body to repair tissue damage caused by certain degenerative diseases.

Among key objectives will be to explore regenerative medicine opportunities through pilot nonclinical proof-of-concept studies, after which the Company intends to assess any potential opportunities for further development and commercialization of therapeutically and commercially promising regenerative medicine programs, either internally, or with strategic partners.