Press Releases

April 23, 2014
VistaGen Receives Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Expanding Stem Cell Technology Platform for Drug Rescue and Regenerative Medicine

April 10, 2014
VistaGen Joins the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium

June 28, 2013
VistaGen Provides Update on $36 Million Strategic Financing Agreement

June 17, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics Presents CardioSafe 3D™ and LiverSafe 3D™ Developments at International Society of Stem Cell Research’s 11th Annual Meeting

May 7, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics and Duke University Publish Results on Production of Functional 3D Human Heart Tissue

April 10, 2013
VistaGen Announces $36 Million Strategic Financing Agreement

March 12, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics to Present Enhancements and Expanded Validation of LiverSafe 3D™ at Society of Toxicology’s 52nd Annual Meeting

March 11, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics to Present CardioSafe 3D™ Developments at Society of Toxicology’s 52nd Annual Meeting

March 4, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics Enters Strategic Collaboration with Celsis to Further Advance LiverSafe 3D™

February 7, 2013
VistaGen’s Collaborators Identify Definitive Precursor for Adult Blood and the Immune System

January 23, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics Successfully Completes Final Phase 1 Safety Study of AV-101

January 22, 2013
VistaGen Therapeutics to Present at Noble Financial Capital Markets Ninth Annual Equity Conference

December 3, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Becomes Member of Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) Consortium

November 13, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Enhances Predictive Liver Toxicology and Drug Metabolism Bioassay System – LiverSafe 3D™

November 7, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics and Duke University Announce Heart Tissue Engineering Progress at American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions

October 16, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Completes $3.25 Million Financing and $3.0 Million Debt Restructuring

September 6, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Announces Strategic Financing with Platinum Long Term Growth Fund

May 14, 2012
VistaGen CEO Issues Update Letter to Stockholders

April 25, 2012
VistaGen Secures Key U.S. Patent Covering Stem Cell Technology Methods Used to Test Drug Candidates for Liver Toxicity

April 16, 2012
VistaGen Licenses Breakthrough Stem Cell Culture Technology to Speed Development of Drug Screening and Cell Therapy for Immune System Disorders

March 21, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Enters Strategic Drug Screening Collaboration with Vala Sciences

March 5, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics and Duke University Enter Into Strategic Research Collaboration

February 21, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Engages MissionIR as Its Investor Relations Advisor

February 14, 2012
VistaGen Updates Pipeline of Stem Cell Technology-Based Drug Rescue Candidates

February 8, 2012
VistaGen Therapeutics Increases Its Drug Rescue Opportunities with Right-of-First-Offer Agreement with Cato BioVentures and Cato Research